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Deontology in epistemology: some confusions

Linda Zagzebski1 maintains that theories in epistemology have parallels in ethics. She holds that theories in normative epistemology are either deontological or reliabilsts. She also holds that deontological theories in epistemology are analogous with deontological theories in ethics and relaibislist theories in epistemology are analogous with consequentialist theories in ethics. Zagzebski thinks that Sosa’s theory […]

Is being an achievement a necessary condition for knowledge?

Virtue epistemologists (such as John Greco) have argued that knowledge is to be seen as a cognitive achievement.  Duncan Pritchard argues that being an achievement is not a necessary condition of knowledge. Pritchard uses the example of testimonial knowledge to argue that being an achievement is not a necessary condition for knowledge. He agues that […]

Knowledge as (cognitive) achievement

 There are philosophers (e.g. John Greco) who argue that knowledge is to be seen as an cognitive achievement/cognitive success. In this view, knowledge is a true belief which is gained because of certain skills (‘intellectual virtues’ to put it broadly) that the agent possess. According to the proponents of this view, the major advantage of […]

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