Social Epistemology – Discussion

“Can a football team know more than its individual members

Prof.Alvin Goldman

know? How can a non-expert tell that an expert’s testimony is trustworthy? How should we modify our beliefs in response to disagreements with others? These are some of the questions encompassed by social epistemology, which deals with social aspects of knowledge and belief”.

Prof. Jennifer Lackey





In an intriguing conversation in Philosophy TV,  Alvin Goldman and Jennifer Lackey provide an overview of this growing field namely  Social Epistemology. You may click  here to listen the discussion.


3 comments on “Social Epistemology – Discussion

  1. Sreejith, if I may, I’d like to suggest Jeremy Fantl and Mark Mcgrath’s book “Knowledge in an Uncertain World”. Jeremy is an associate prof here at the University of Calgary and is on my dissertation committee (they both got their PhD with Lackey at Brown as well). His work on pragmatic encroachment ties directly into the questions you seem to be aimed at. I’d be interested to hear what you think about their theory. Amazing that they were all at Brown together with Ernest Sosa. Not a bad bunch!


  2. Thank you Very much Justin for the information. The title itself is very tempting. I have not read the book you mentioned. I will try to get hold of the book.

  3. Hi Justin,
    Here is a book review of the book which you mentioned: http://ndpr.nd.edu/news/24336-knowledge-in-an-uncertain-world/

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